Create an effortless, seamless customer referral and sharing experience. A referral program that is custom-fit to your brand and website will churn more loyal fans and brand advocates.

A referral program tailored to your brand will turn more of your customers into advocates and increase brand awareness. Our referral marketing software drives engagement and increases your conversions.

  • Pre-built campaigns, referral widgets and templates
  • Visual editing of the end-to-end referral content for a great on-brand experience
  • Backend referral platform for your affiliates
  • Beautiful designs look great on mobile, on the web, or in your app
  • Personalized share codes and incentives
  • Streamlined referral experiences make it easy for your fans to share

The Referral Platform to Drive Engagement

Create your branded referrals platform with Referrals.com and drive value to your brand today!
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You can choose to create visit, share or signup based-rewards that is triggered by embeddable scripts in your website or in our public campaign pages. You can create instant rewards and you can customize these incentives and perks to perfection for each referral campaign. Real-time rewards create instant gratification and encourage even more sharing and referrals.

What is different from the rest of the referrals platforms is that you can create your own ETH token and give those out as rewards!

  • Flexible types of rewards, visit, share or signup, in an internal and external environment
  • Reward with coupons, loyalty points, gift cards, custom text, tokens and more with our automatic reward engine
  • Delight customers with the perfect, tested reward offer
  • Customize rewards for each campaign, so you can track which incentives work

Supports Multiple Platforms

Referrals works across all devices and platforms. Referral Program Widgets automatically adapt themselves according to the platform.

  • Mobile, tablet and desktop websites
  • Android, ios applications
  • Facebook timeline application
  • Emailers


The Referrals platform makes it easy to find and reach great influencers. Those who respond to your campaigns can be detected to further enhance your marketing efforts.

  • Modern and secure referral software with detailed segmentation and reporting to understand exactly who your influencers are and how they’re sharing
  • Real-time reports on your top sharers, biggest influencers, and revenue drivers
  • Easy, automatic discovery of influencers, brand advocates, and networks
  • Enhanced profiles of your key advocates using data from multiple social platforms
  • Reward the right advocates in real-time


Our referral dashboards are simple, to the point and time sensitive. It changes when there are movements in your campaigns. Every brand, and campaign each has its’ own drilled-down dashboards, to better understand and perfect your marketing campaign.

  • Measure all aspect of your referral program with the metrics and data points that matter the most.
  • Analyze Conversions, and campaign reports easily.
  • Get more granular with analytics by campaign, and brand.