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Referral Campaign Ideas You Can Swipe

Let us help you come up with a reward idea for your referral program as easy as 1-2-3.

The single most important ingredient of a great referral social campaign is choosing the best incentive to participating referrals. For this reason we strongly recommend to first come up with a compelling reward idea. Once it is selected, the rest is mere technical details.

Here are some examples to get you started:

Share and win rewards campaign

Social Rewards Campaign

Reward your customers immediately as they share your link via their social channels. Works best if you can offer valuable perks to the users at a low cost to yourself. E.g.: digital content (music, e-book downloads), access to extra features or increased usage limits, and small discounts.

Invite for Perks campaign

Invite for Perks Campaign

Reward the customer for bringing in x number of referrals. Reward via money, discount or store credits and yes, block chain tokens. Suitable for referral programs with high-value bonuses and for ecommerce stores.

Gamification referral campaigns

Gamification Campaigns

Create a goal based reward program where you can create a challenge and allow participants to invite other participants. Eg, Goals should award more points when you refer people to sign up for the challenge

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