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Irfan999's Referrals Score

This is Irfan999's referrals score being improved.
Irfan999's standing in boards depends on it.

People who you referred   0
People who referred you   0
Boards associated with     4
Facebook   0
Twitter   0
Linkedin   0
Total Referrals Score4

Breakdown of Points:


People who you referred:

0 : You referred to a referral need.

0 : You referred to a profile.

0 : You referred via email.

People Who You Referred: 0

People who referred you:

0 : You were referred to a referral need.

0 : You were referred to a profile.

0 : You were referred via email.

People Referred You: 0

Boards Associated With:

0 : Number of People who added you in their referral graph.

4 : Number of People who you added in your referral graph.

Boards Associated With: 4

Social Connections:

0 : Number Linkedin Connections.

0 : Number of Facebook Connections.

0 : Number of Twitter Connections.

Sum of total connections: 0